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Job Vacancy: Senior Python-PHP Engineer At Flight Focus Pte Ltd

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Post Date: 07 May 09
Flight Focus is a Singapore-based technology and systems engineering company, specialising in the design, development and production of high-quality avionics for airborne or simulator use.

As a Multinational company, Flight Focus works closely with a number of industry partners to achieve a range of comprehensive solutions for our customers. We will continue to strengthen this network of partners, providing sound and sustainable solutions to increase the value proposition of our customers.

As our key product, Advance Mission Display System (AMDS) is able to reduced operating costs through the carriage and use of electronic manuals and documents. A considerable amount of back office work is able to be eliminated to maintain manuals and documents in a condition suitable for flight operations, but enhance overall document management and quality control.

For further information you could check out our websites on:

We rely on our people – their enthusiasm, their talent, their commitment – to maintain and build on the success of our business, even more so in today’s competitive market. We depend on our people to deliver excellent service to our customers.

We aim to ensure that all our working environments are inclusive, safe, promote wellbeing, treat people with respect, engage employees, and offer attractive incentives and opportunities.

Currently we are opening 6 permanent positions for:

Senior Python-PHP Engineer

General Requirements:

1. Experience: At least 3 years of design/development experience

2. Computer skills:
  • Proficient with PHP / Ruby / Java / Python (high point) Programming Language
  • Proficient with Linux operating system
  • Proficient with Object Oriented Programming
  • Proficient with Web Programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Proficient with XML Processing
  • Proficient with Threading
  • Proficient with Database
3. Educational background:
  • University degree
4. Language skills:
  • Good written and verbal knowledge of the English language
If you feel that you have the suitable background, please submit your application to (size <150 Kb):


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